Can I be a model?

Can I be a model?

Many people have this misconception that you need to be as skinny as a stick to become a model. Although the fashion industry is indeed a cutthroat arena, it’s not always that picky.

Big sized women can be models too. So, to answer your question, yes.

You can be a model, no matter your size or color. In fact, here are the top models of color dominating High Fashion runways right now.

The trick is to find your place or where you fit in best. And we’re going to show you how.

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Can anyone be a model?

Anyone can be a model because countless modeling gigs are waiting to be filled, spanning from regular commercial modeling to high fashion modeling.

These different gigs and categories will allow you to explore different roles as a model. It’ll also help you to find what role works best for you.

Many models even enjoy multitasking with more than one gig, in the end. So in this expo guide, we’ve taken time to map out all our available gigs to make your pick easier.

Here are the top 10 modeling gigs at AllBlackModels.com:

1. Commercial.

Commercial modeling is a broad gig. It covers all types of advertisements, including print, television, and magazines. 

Most brands use models in this category to promote their products, intending to reach a target audience and increase sales or boost their reputation. To achieve this, such brands feature models in photography shots, billboards, TV advertisements, and product packaging.

Commercial model

Unlike high fashion, which suffocates models with its increased demands and expectations, Commercial modeling is more laid-back and usually features a more relatable model figure. E.g., the girl next door. Here’s how to do the girl next door look right.

Have a glimpse of our best commercial models.

2. Fashion / Editorial.

As an Editorial Fashion Model, you’re sure to have a lot of offers on your table. It’s certainly a skill you’ll want to point out in your Portfolio.

And if you’ve read our step by step guide on how to become a hand model, you’ll know how important it is to have your Portfolio ready, especially on a hot spot agency like Allblackmodels.com. Editorial Fashion Modeling is your chance to tell a story without words.

Editorial Fashion model

You’ll feature in high fashion magazines, and all you have to do is sell the look. This is where it differs from Commercial modeling, which focuses on brand product promotion.

Here are our best Editorial Fashion models.

3. Fitness.

Fitness modeling is just as the name implies, but it goes beyond just looking fit. You have to put in the extra work to stay that way.

That means adopting healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, and creating diet plans. So if your regular diet involves binge eating on burgers and cans of soda, you’ll need to kiss that goodbye.

Because even the Victoria’s Secret models’ pre-show diet includes avocados and lots of nuts. And they’re not even strutting for the fitness gig.

Fitness model Can I be a model?
Fitness model

As a model in the fitness category, you’re a role model figure to everyone who wants to get fit or who needs that extra push to keep on exercising. So your public image matters a lot.

Fitness models usually feature in advertisements for brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas.

Meet our top fitness models.

4. Glamor.

This gig is for all those who are willing to go the extra mile in modeling. It involves nude and erotic posing, and it usually targets the male audience. So most brands scouting for glamour models emphasize on sex appeal and confidence.

A Glamor model

These are models who get to star in top magazines like Playboy and the likes of it. They model swimsuits or even go fully nude.

And although there are no specific requirements for modeling in this category, models are expected to be over 18 years, at least. Additionally, they should have curves, a fit body, alluring hair, and a stunning face.

Glamor modeling is for the bold-minded people. So if you are comfortable with your face or body being displayed on calendars, playing cards, or posters, especially in public places, then this type of gig is for you.

Have a look at our most stunning Glamour models.

5. Parts.

Parts modeling requires body parts. But relax.

It’s not as sinister as it sounds. It is one modeling gig where you don’t have to showcase your full body, especially if the thought of going fully nude makes you cringe.

Body parts modeling

You’ll get to model your neck for fashionable pieces of jewelry like necklaces, your feet for anklets, or even body scrubs that can clear dark knuckles for toes. Speaking of which, here are 10 effective ways to treat dark knuckles.

Most times, the hands, feet, and legs are the body parts brands want to feature more than anything else. But as a parts model, you can still show off your lips, eyes, hair, and even your teeth.

Overall, you don’t have to be completely perfect as the modeling industry expects you to be. You just need that one special body feature to make your mark.

Meet our favorite Body Parts models.

6. Plus size.

It’s one of the most popular modeling industries, and possibly the most accepting gig there is. Because you get the freedom of showing off your curves and fulfilling your dreams of becoming a model, no matter your size.

Plus size model

Plus size modeling usually features models from size 12 and upwards, and other factors like height vary, depending on the model. But typically, most plus size models tower around 5’6 to 5’9, in terms of height.

Like all other models, women in the plus size category need to watch and take care of their bodies. But it doesn’t mean you should do anything that could drastically alter your physical traits.

You just need to do the basics. For example, staying hydrated, regular workout sessions, and keeping a tidy appearance.

Here are Allblackmodel’s finest Plus size models.

7. Print.

If anyone has ever told you that you look photogenic, then the print industry is where you should venture into. Commercial print models feature on the covers and pages of magazine publications.

Print models

And unlike high fashion or runway modeling, print modeling does not have harsh physical expectations from anyone aspiring to work in the field. All you need is to have the right look.

So, depending on your appearance and skills, together with consistency and commitment, you can successfully conquer any print modeling gig.

See our most photogenic print models.

8. Promotional.

A promotional model drives and boosts consumer demands for products or services. They do this through direct interaction with the customers, which is the wall of difference between it and commercial modeling.

Promotional models for Castle Milk Stout

With commercial modeling, you don’t necessarily have to interact physically with the product consumers. Additionally, some agencies or brands don’t place much emphasis on promotional models looking “perfect” as much as High Fashion modeling does.

But you still need to look presentable, as well as energetic and friendly towards customers in order to positively push sales through promotional events, corporate events, publicity stunts, and so on.

Our promotional models are the best on the field. You can view them here.

9. Runway.

If modeling was a gang, then Runway modeling is its ring leader. Runway modeling is tightly strict.

The models must have precise measurements that fit the clothes already made by a designer. This is because the designers create the outfits first before hiring the models to fit the clothes later, and not the other way around.

A Runway model

So if a dress is 34 inches around the bust, 23 inches around the waist, and 34 inches around the hips, then a model has to be able to have all these matching physical traits to walk the outfit down the runway.

See our hottest Runway models.

10. Swimsuit/Lingerie.

Swimsuit or Lingerie modeling is the perfect gig for anyone who can dare to go bare and strike pronouncing poses to all their bodily features.

Lingerie modeling requires posing for photoshoots and even walking the catwalk in nothing more than underwear. Notable brands like Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur are the best examples of underwear/Lingerie brands.

A lingerie model

Meet our fiercest lingerie models.

All in all, these different and unique modeling gigs prove one thing for sure; anyone can become a model. However, that doesn’t just happen overnight.

Because it also takes great skill, confidence, and a wide array of other skills that go beyond skin-deep, to become a model. So at the end of the day, it’s not just about how pretty, how tall, or how big you are. It’s also about boldness and style.

But you can still get started in modeling with no experience. And if you’re an agent seeking these fantastic qualities in models, here’s how to Find Black Models for Photography (Male or Female) on Allblackmodels.com.