Baby’s first haircut- All you need to know about cutting your baby’s hair

Baby’s first haircut- All you need to know about cutting your baby’s hair

As a kid, your mother probably shaved off all your adorable baby hairs. But what’s the big deal about cutting baby hair?

Well, you certainly won’t turn into a monster or disappear into thin air without the baby hair cutting process. Although, there are many good reasons behind getting a nice trim.

And here are 4 signs you need a hair trim.

When should I cut my baby’s hair for the first time?

The question on most parents’ minds is when cut baby hair? Or rather when is the right time for a trim?

Well, it depends on how full your baby’s mane is. But overall, all babies first haircut should come before their first birthday. 

A baby getting a haircut

All babies first haircut should come before their first birthday because their first strands continuously grow and then fall out until six months. A drop in hormones will also accompany this process.

So, to not disrupt this natural growth process, we advise you to wait until your child’s first birthday before cutting baby hair. That aside, the only exception to cutting baby hair is if your child has very tough hair strands that desperately need to be chopped off.

How do you cut a baby’s hair?

Making a baby cut hair can be quite tricky, especially for a first-time parent. You might be scared that you’d hurt your child in the process.

But it’s more fun than you think. To begin with, here are some ways you can successfully finish babies first haircut:

1. Cutting baby hair with scissors.

Before you make your baby cut hair for the first time, you’ll want to get everything on standby. You’ll need to get your towel, cape covering or shawl, a comb, and a pair of scissors.

After that, here’s what to do when cut baby hair:

  1. Spray water on your baby’s hair to soften it. Preferably, use a spray bottle. 
  2. Then use a comb to brush out or divide their hair into small sections for cutting. You can distract them with a mobile game while the process is going on.
  3. Hold the small hair sections between two of your fingers, and then cut the point where your fingers separate the strands.
  4. Finally, repeat this process for the other areas until you’re completely through with cutting baby hair.

2. Cutting baby hair with clippers

It’s not impossible to use clippers for baby hair cutting. However, most parents are afraid of this method, and for a good reason.

This is why you should not attempt to make your baby cut hair with clippers if you’re unsure how to use one. Or better still, seek the help of a professional.

Cutting baby hair with clippers

Also, parents are not too fond of taking their kids out to public places for services that would require physical contact, especially now thatthe Covid-19 pandemic has ruined time in 2020.

But if you must take your child out to a barbing salon, ensure to go with your personal clippers. And get the barber to exercise the necessary hygienic procedures before touching your child.

Are you supposed to cut your baby hairs?

In truth, you don’t necessarily have to cut your baby hairs. The reason why most parents practice baby hair cutting is usually because of personal, religious, or spiritual beliefs. 

Baby haircut

Some people believe that when cut baby hair, it makes babies hair grow thicker. Other people believe that if you don’t cut a baby’s hair before he becomes an adult, he will most likely fall sick a lot or die. 

However, these are all false. Frankly, the worst thing that could happen is he’ll have hair that’s too long and with too many knots.

What happens if u cut your baby hairs?

Two things could happen when cut baby hair; you can either look good or bad. Naturally, some people look good without their baby hairs. 

On the other hand, some people need their baby edges gelled down to pull off some hairstyles successfully, especially women. Unfortunately, cutting baby hair will mean you won’t be able to rock such hairstyles.

Because cutting them off can make the hair in that region to stick out unevenly, or it can even make them too short to be gelled down attractively. So, if you ever want to show off your sleek edges on a runway, here’s how to get started in modeling with no experience.

Is it compulsory to cut babies’ first hair?

No, there’s no necessity for baby hair cutting. However, if you feel your baby’s hair is too full and could use a trim, then there’s no harm in snipping it off a little.

So, if your baby’s hair length is okay as it is, there’s no need to make your baby cut hair. Because contrary to popular belief, cutting baby hair doesn’t make it grow faster.

Anyway, all babies are born different. Some babies escape the womb with hair as thick as a forest, while others barely have any hair at all.

This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong because the differences are genetic.

Hopefully, this guide will open your eyes to making wise decisions about all your baby hair cutting practices in the future.

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