How to Find Black Models for Photography (Male or Female)

How to Find Black Models for Photography (Male or Female)

Whether you’re starting out or a long time fashion or portrait photographer, you’d always need models for photography.

The good news for you is that aspiring models are always on the lookout for opportunities to model for photography, male or female, as it’s an excellent avenue for them to get started in Modeling without experience.

All you have to do is find these models for photography and get them to pose for you. Best of all, most aspiring models are willing to do it for free. So, you won’t do much convincing.

If your shoot requires a black model, it poses another challenge, because people of color are not projected by the industry.

In this short post, I’ll guide you on finding black models for photography using the best and most straightforward methods.

How do I find black models for photography?

This point used community, but as a client, you can look at these websites as the job boards of the Modeling industry.

To find black models, your best bet is to use the Black Modeling Community. Visit AllBlackModels.com and follow the guide below.

On AllBlackModels.com, you can find black models for photography in two ways:

  • Post a Modeling Gig.
  • Browse and book models directly.

1. Post a Modeling Gig

We’ll begin with the first method, which is posting a Modeling Gig. For this, you have to create a Client account on the website.

After creating the Client account, you’re set to post Modeling opportunities on the website. Sign in to your account and go to the New Gig page.

Here, enter the following details about your photography session and describe who you’re looking for using the following fields provided.

  • Title: A short title that summarizes the purpose of your shoot and what you require of the models for photography.
  • Logo image: An image that represents the type of work you’re looking to create with the black model.
  • Projects Category: The category of your project. Acting, catwalk modeling, agency scout, competitions & pageants, photoshoots, print, videos, etc.
  • Description: Be as detailed as possible about the specifics of your project. Add information missing out from the fields on the page.
  • Country: Your country or shoot location.
  • Collaboration Type: In-person or online.
  • Expense Paid? Choose how the project’s costs will be managed.
  • Gender: Male, female, or both.
  • Age Range: Required age range of black models for your photography session.
  • Paid Gig?: Indicate if you’ll pay the black models for photography or not.
  • Model Selection: Online video-casting, in-person, or direct.
  • Application Closing: Enter the date on which the applications close.
  • Height: Required height of models for photography if needed.
  • Weight: Required weight of models for photography if needed.
  • Entry Fee: Enter a figure here if the models have to pay to get called.

After filling the applicable fields, hit the Publish button.

The Modeling Gig doesn’t get appear on the website until an Admin approves it.

On approval, AllBlackModels.com not only publishes your ad on the website, but we also send it out to every model registered on the website.

When Models view your project and are interested, they simply hit the Apply button.

To view the models for photography that have applied to your gig, log in to your dashboard and visit the My Posted Gigs page.

Here, you’ll see all the projects you’ve published on the website. Find the one you just sent and look at the Actions column.

models for photography male or female filter applications
how to view models for photography gig you posted on AllBlackModels.com

You’ll find four options here – View, Edit, Delete, and Applications. Hit the Application option here, and you’ll see a list of models who’ve applied to your job.

Clicking on Application takes you to a new page showing you the models for your photography gig, arranged in three columns – Name, Email, and Profile View.

Click on the View Profile option for the corresponding Model to have a look at their Model profile.

Models with a dash (-) under the Profile View column have no Model Profile on the website, and you can’t view them.

If you still wish to contact these models, you can make use of their email address.

The Model Profile shows you everything you need to know about a Model. On this page, you can shortlist the Model, make an inquiry, or book them straight away.

2. Browse and book models for photography directly

AllBlackModels.com has hundreds of verified black models looking to work with you. If you don’t want to post a new gig and get loads of applications daily, you can skip that and find them yourself.

Visit our Models page, and you’ll immediately see a grid of our models with a Model Profile.

You can filter your search using the Advanced Search options on the page. Hover your mouse on the Model’s picture to view quick information about him or her.

If you spot a model you like, click on their profile and either inquire about their availability or book them directly from their Model Profile.

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